Mehta Textile Trading Co

Our Products Bench Vice Unbrakable Steel Body, Bench Vices, Lock Down Jaw Machine Vice, Universal Machine Vice, Grinding Vice, Precision Milling Machine, RADIUS GAUGE & FEELER GAUGE, Radius Gauge, Feeler Gauge, BENCH CENTRE AND SURFACE PLATE, Cast Iron Lapping Plates, Cast Iron Bench Centre, Granite Surface Plates, COLLET AND COLLET ADAPTOR, Machine Collet, Metal Collet, Traub Machine Collet, Industrial Collet, Traub Collet, Milling Collet Adapter Quick Change Chuck, Quick Change Chuck Collet, Split Sleeve Chuck, PRECISION ENGINEERING TOOLS, Sine Bars Tools, CI Angle Plates, T Type Wrenches, Long Handled T-Tap Wrenches, Round Die Stock Handle, Pipe Center Pointed, WIRE CUTTER & STRIPPERS, Micro Shear Cutters, Cable Cutters, Nipper Cutters, Wire Stripper, Wire Stripper And Cutter, SPANNERS, Combination Spanner, SPRAY GUNS AND DISPENSER, Revolving Spray Gun, Texture Gun, Paint Spray Gun, Oil Spray Gun, Grease Gun, Zoom Paint Spray Gun Pro, Zoom Spray Gun Heavy Duty, Electric Paint Spray Gun, Foam Cleaning Gun, Artist Air Brush Gun, Grease Dispenser, Sand Blasting Gun, ALL TYPE OF HAMMERS, Sledge Hammer, Rubber Mallet, Wooden Mallet, PVC Hammer, HAND AND CUTTING TOOLS, End Mill, Insulated Combination Pliers, Insulated Long Nose Pliers, Insulated Side Cutting Pliers, Circlip Plier, CARBIDE TIPPED TOOLS, Straight Turning Tool, Cranked Turning And Facing Tool, Carbide Tipped Tools, CARBON TAP AND DIE, Carbon Threading Taps, Carbon Round Die, Complete Taps And Round Die Boxes, HACKSAW FRAME AND BLADE, Power Hacksaw Blades, Hand Hacksaw Blade, Hacksaw Frame, Square Hacksaw Frame, Fixed Hacksaw Frame, Wire Saw Frame, Engineering Files, Engineering Saw Files, WIRE BRUSHES, Scraper Wire Brushes, Wire Brush, AIR TOOLS, Air Tools, Impact Wrench, Air Metal Die Grinder, Air Riveter Tools, PIPE CUTTER, Tube Cutter, Ratchet Plastic Pipe Cutter, HOLE SAW CUTTERS, Hole Saw Cutters, Hole Saw, Ratchet Pipe Threader, V BLOCKS, Toolmakers V Block, Cast Iron Vee Block, Magnetic V Block, REVOLVING AND PIPE CENTRES, Pipe Center Blunt, Live Center, High Speed Pipe Centers, Mounted Wheel, Universal Angle Plate, Snap And Grip Universal Wrench 9-32mm RONGPENG SPRAY GUN, HVLP Spray Gun, HVLP Spray Gun Kit, Texture Spray Gun,

  • 570, Hazam Ni Khadki, Opp.Zakaria Masjid, Relief Road, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, 380001.
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